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Haweek Khudar

Introducing Haweek Khudaar, a crunchy snack made from wheat flour, sesame, and dehydrated celery leaves and has no added preservatives. Haweek Khudaar is a tasty and healthier option for your snacking needs. Enjoy the goodness of real vegetables in every bite with Haweek Khudaar!

Ingredient List

Wheat Flour, Vegetable Oil (Palm Oil), Sugar, Full Cream Milk Powder (Cow), Corn Starch, Salt, Leavening Agent (Ammonium Bicarbonate), Calcium Carbonate, Dehydrated Vegetables (Celery Leaves), Permitted Artificial Flavour (Sesame), Monosodium Glutamate as Permitted Flavour Enhancer.

*Contains Wheat, Milk, Celery, and Sesame.

  • Single: 12x18x24g

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